IFSCA Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2023

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The IFSCA Grade A exam usually consists of two phases: Phase I (Preliminary) and Phase II (Main).
Phase I typically includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering various topics, including General Awareness, English Language, Reasoning, and Professional Knowledge related to financial services and regulatory matters. 
Phase II involves more in-depth questions, essays, and case studies, focusing on specific aspects of financial regulation and services.

Important Levals about IFSCA Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2023

Difficulty Level:

  • The difficulty level of the exam may vary, but it generally ranges from moderate to high.
    Candidates should be well-prepared with both conceptual knowledge and the ability to apply it in practical scenarios, especially in the Phase II examination.


  • The syllabus for the IFSCA Grade A exam is comprehensive and requires a strong foundation in financial services and regulations.
    Key areas of study include financial markets, banking and insurance, securities markets, risk management, economic and financial regulations, and other related topics.

Professional Knowledge:

  • Candidates must have a deep understanding of financial regulations and practices, as a significant portion of the exam is devoted to this area.
    Stay updated with recent developments in the financial sector, both in India and globally.

Previous Year Papers:

  • Solving previous year’s question papers can be immensely helpful in understanding the exam’s pattern and the types of questions asked.
    It also provides practice and helps in time management.

Time Management:

  • Managing time efficiently is crucial, especially in the Phase I exam where you need to answer a substantial number of questions in a limited time.
    Practice with time-bound mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

Essay and Case Study Preparation:

  • For Phase II, focus on essay and case study writing skills.
    Practice writing on financial and regulatory topics, and understand the structure and format required.

General Awareness:

  • Stay updated with current affairs, particularly those related to the financial and regulatory sector.

Recommended Resources:

  • Textbooks, study materials, and online courses related to finance and regulatory matters.
    Financial newspapers, journals, and websites for current affairs.

Review and Mock Tests:

Regular review of important topics is essential.
Take mock tests to assess your progress and identify areas where improvement is needed.
Overall, success in the IFSCA Grade A exam requires a thorough understanding of financial services and regulations, time management, and good preparation. It’s advisable to start your preparation well in advance and seek guidance from experts if needed.

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